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Our Expertise

Transition to sustainable energy usage effortlessly

End-to-End Solutions

Reduce your carbon footprints with Kaval Power’s end-to-end solutions. Relax and enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar power systems while we do all the necessary groundwork.

Whether you are a responsible organisation looking to shift to green energy, a commercial establishment or an individual wanting to reduce electricity bills, we can design a customized solar power plant project for you.

We have the expertise to manage large solar energy projects and the experience of working within geographical constraints.

Business Consultation

How We Work


Custom-made designs engineered in consultation with you

Sourcing of components from top-class manufacturers worldwide

Quick and easy installation of panels and accessories

Quality Guarantee

We ensure that our products and services adhere to the highest standards of quality criteria and meet your requirements

  • Stringent quality criteria on procurement

  • Exacting evaluation parameters for installation

Operations & Maintenance

Are you worried about the upkeep of your solar panels, once they are installed? We can help you there too. Experience an easy, smooth, hassle-free process with us.

  • Complete ownership of maintenance of solar panels

  • Nominal maintenance charge annually

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