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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we synchronise solar power plant with diesel generator power?
    Solar power plants in the industrial, commercial and home sectors can be synchronized to diesel generators with the help of DG-PV Synchronising Controllers. The DG-PV controllers handle reverse power, voltage and frequency issues.
  • What type of maintenance is needed for solar panels?
    Solar power panel maintenance is easy and cheap. A monthly wash with clean water, is enough to take care of the solar panels. Completely shut down the DC/AC systems, before cleaning. We provide 1-year free maintenance for systems installed by us, followed by regular remote monitoring, on-site supervision and technical maintenance. We also provide maintenance for systems, not installed by us at nominal cost.
  • What kind of common appliances or machinery works on solar power?
    Lights, fans, ACs, desktops, laptops, washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, water heaters, water pumps and ovens work on solar power.
  • Do you recommend a battery system for storing power?
    Solar battery storage systems efficiently store solar power produced during all hours of the day, in home and business environments. It is good to have a battery backup if you have expensive machines or are in locations that undergo regular power outages or with severe climatic conditions. However, solar battery banks double operational cost; need space and a lot of maintenance.
  • What is Net metering and gross metering?
    Net-metering records how much energy is supplied by your solar panels to the grid and how much is consumed. Rooftop PV systems may generate excess electricity during the day. Net metering returns the excess units produced by your solar panels to the grid. It adjusts this excess against your usage, and you are billed accordingly. Gross metering is all the electricity that is produced by your solar power system and all the electricity that is exported to the grid. You have to pay a retail supply tariff to the distribution company(DISCOM) for the total units consumed.
  • What is the warranty period for solar panels and inverters? What does the warranty include?
    A solar power panel comes with a 10 to 12 years product guarantee for replacement or repair. It also has a 25-years’ linear power performance warranty, that is, it will be replaced or repaired, in case the panel starts performing lesser than the assured degradation. A solar inverter normally has a 5 to 7 years’ guarantee for replacement or repair. You can buy extended warranty up to 20 years(depending on the manufacturing company).
  • Which inverters do you use for your solar projects?
    We use inverters manufactured by Sungrow, Delta, Solar Edge, Goodwe, SMA, Fronius and Growatt.
  • Do solar panels work during monsoons or winter?
    Green energy is produced from sunlight and not the sun’s heat. So, the solar panels work just as efficiently during the monsoons. In fact, the solar rooftop photovoltaic panels produce 10-25% of their maximum power on cloudy or rainy days. Solar installations actually produce more electricity during winters.
  • How long does it take to complete a project above 100kW? How long does it take you to finish a residential project?
    A 100kW solar power plant can be completed in approximately 1 month, from taking initial approvals from the government to synchronizing the power plant with the local grid. For a residential solar project, it takes 48 hours for the onsite execution.
  • Will solar work when there is a power outage or grid failure?
    On-grid solar does not work during power outage or grid failure due to technical reasons. For example, a linesperson is in danger while repairing points of failure in case of power leakage in the grid. So, power shuts down automatically. Also, in a grid-connected system, excess power is sent back to the grid and not stored, so that you get utility credits. In PV solar systems, only battery power can help during blackouts.
  • How much space do you require for a 1 kW solar system? How many units of electricity will a 1 kW solar power plant generate?
    A 1 kW solar power plant needs around 100 sq. ft. A 1 kW solar PV plant can generate between 1 kWh to 7 kWh of electricity per day or 850 kWh per year.
  • Which are the top solar panel manufacturers in the world?
    Jinko Solar, China; JA Solar, China; Trina Solar, China; LONGi Solar, China; Canadian Solar, Canada; REC, Singapore; Risen Energy, China; First Solar, USA; Adani, India; Vikram Solar, India; HHV(Swelect), India;Renewsys, India are the best panel manufacturers of the world.
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