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Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services

Hassle-free maintenance for your Solar Panels

Maintenance of your Solar Panels

The Kaval Group’s end-to-end service solutions are guaranteed to optimise the performance of your solar installations. We specialize in low-cost annual service modules for O&M of solar panels. We provide Free Maintenance on systems for one year after installation.

Advantages of using electricity generated by solar power plants

Experience minimum down-time, higher energy yield and optimum Return on Investment (ROI).

The best features of installing solar PV panels are:

  • Low maintenance structure

  • Easy monthly cleaning with water

  • 30-year warranty for the solar panels

  • No wear and tear as there are no moving parts


Leading solar service and maintenance providers

Kaval Power’s expertise lies in quality-controlled operation and maintenance of solar Photo Voltaic (PV) systems. We provide servicing facilities to industrial, commercial and residential portfolios as well as SMEs. Our O&M service plans focus on:

  • Best performance to increase durability

  • Reasonable prices

  • Full-service agreements based on best practices

  • Dedicated team of experts providing –

    1. 365 days real-time remote monitoring

    2. On-site supervision

    3. Maintenance to ensure minimum yield loss

We Go The Extra Mile By Monitoring Solar Power Systems Installed By Other Companies As Well

Maintenance of your Solar Power Panels

Benefit from the expertise of Kaval Powers’ trusted O&M team. We follow international safety standards for the continued production of clean energy. Our trained technicians will support you with:

  • Detailed maintenance reports

  • General inspections and cleaning

  • Safety and visual inspections

  • Functional checks

  • Investigation of technical details

  • Timely diagnosis of faults and troubleshooting

  • Periodic inspections of earthing

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