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Off Grid Solar Power System

Guaranteed Savings from Day 1

Off Grid Solar Power

An off-grid solar power system is useful when consumption is high during the day and the solar system can cater only to a part of that. If you are looking to offset entire consumption, then net metering and on grid is the way to go.

Off grid without storage
  • Is dependent on the grid for your power at night

  • Is mainly recommended for industrial or commercial sectors

  • Has no Net Metering mechanism

  • Has a panel that is connected directly to the LV (low voltage) switchgear

  • Has off grid inverters which convert the power connected to the LV panel


In effect, you consume the electricity that you produce.

Image by Caspar Rae
  • Significant cost savings in installation

  • No dependence on batteries so no replacement cost

  • Advantageous where consumption is much higher than what the solar system can produce

  • Typical off-grid solar systems require the following components

  • Solar panels

  • Off grid inverter

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