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On Grid Solar Power System

Save on your electricity expenditure every month

On Grid Solar Power

An On-Grid solar power plant is the best choice if you are thinking of a sustainable energy solution. Whether it is your office space, a commercial complex or your residence, the photovoltaic (PV) power system helps you cut down on monthly expenditure on electricity bills. It is an energy generation system that:

  • Is connected to the state power grid

  • Provides power in parallel with the electricity grid

  • Does not include batteries

  • Has on grid inverters converting DC power generated by the solar panel to AC power which is compatible with the grid

  • Supplies the excess power on sunny days (whatever is not consumed by you) to the utility grid

Image by yue chan
Grid connected projects could be either
  • Ground Mounted PV or

  • Rooftop PV

  • Grid-Tie Inverter (GTI) or Micro-Inverters

  • Power Meter

Our strength lies in

  • Save upto 100% on your Electricity Bills – pay only for the surplus electricity that you consume

  • Low cost and simple installation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Potential income generation – earn for the surplus electricity you generate

  • No recurring cost since there is no battery

  • ROI in 3-5 years

  • Life of the system is 25-30 years

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Net Metering

This is a critical component of the on grid solar power system. Net Metering is a bi-directional mechanism that records the amount of energy supplied by you to the grid, as well your consumption. A PV system on your roof may generate excess electricity during the daylight hours. With Net metering you can export this excess to the grid. This is essentially “storing” that energy on the grid to use later.

The machine adjusts this excess against your electricity usage at night or when your usage exceeds the output. As a result, you are billed only for your “net” energy usage.

Through Net metering you can generate your own electricity in an efficient manner. You also retain control over your electricity bills and reduce expenditure. The most important benefit is that you earn for the electricity you feed back into the grid.

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