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Top 4 Reasons You Should Invest in Solar Energy Storage Systems in Bangalore

ou know that solar power is eco-friendly butare yet to invest in Solar Energy Storage Systems in Bangalore. You are unsure of the advantages of installing a rooftop solar power system at home or ‘greening’ company operations.However, adverse effects of global warming, soaring electricity bills and post-pandemic work-from-home needs have forced you to rethink the importance of uninterrupted and non-polluting power supply.

Solar power plants have innumerable long-term benefits. The top four reasons are enough to solve your power problems.

1. Help the Environment

India has launched an innovative energy efficiency programme called Perform, Achieve and Trade. Industry leaders, like Godrej, Hindusthan Unilever and ITC have sustainable energy-efficient programmes to reduce carbon emission and waste. But why should sustainable energy be a priority for governments and corporates? Make it your mission and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and carbon footprints. Draw energy from the sun -our free and abundant source. Help the world by lessening pollution.

2. Lower Electricity Bills

Rising petrol and LPG prices are not in your control. You can, however, control monthly electricity bills by switching to smart and environment-friendly technology. Solar power panels produce free energy for almost 25 years. The electricity generated offsets traditional power usage and cuts electricity bills significantly. Save around 500-600 units of electricity and Rs 5,000/- per month with 5kw rooftop solar panels. Recover the cost of installation in 3-5 years with a well-maintained solar system and net-metering facility, which supplies electricity to the grid. Budget for exact expenditure by mounting rooftop solar panels from reliable PV solar panel manufacturing companies in Bangalore.

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3. Ensure Consistent Power Supply

Power outages and voltage fluctuations are regular features in our daily lives. This results in loss of work hours and leaves you frustrated during manufacturing processes, online meetings and classes, or various household activities. Fuel-powered generators pollute the air and can run for limited hours only. Solve this problem with PV solar panels and battery backup to produce unlimited green energy.

4. Own your property

Establishments with off-grid or on-grid solar panels have higher resale value than those without. Own your domestic power by investing in solar energy storage systems to reduce dependence on public utility grids and fossil fuel. Electricity loss is less as solar panels draw power from the roof or within the premises. Cost towards maintenance is also minimal.

Running a household or business on expensive and limited fossil fuel is not sustainable, whereas the sun’s energy is limitless. The sun releases 1300 watts of energy per square kilometer. Only 1 kw/hour energy is needed to run a smartphone for 365 days. Harnessing even a fraction of this for our daily use will reduce global warming considerably. Get solar power companies near you to help you invest in top-quality solar storage systems. Become a smart owner of an energy-efficient and eco-friendly house or company.


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