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Ms. Rosalind Chintala


Kaval Power installed a 5 kWp solar power system and helped Ms. Rosalind achieve her aim of going green. This solar installation generates 7200 units of electricity annually.

Project Details

Total Electricity Generation from Solar power plant

7,300 units

Annual Generation

1,82,500 units

Lifetime Generation (25 Year):

Financial Savings


(for top slab of tariff):

No increase assumed for 25 years

@ 8.3/ kWh


Annually in Rupees

154 Tonnes

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Mitigated

246 Teak trees

This Installation will be equivalent to planting teak trees over the life time.

Contribution to Environment

Disclaimer: The calculation is indicative in nature. Generation may vary from location to location

Project Gallery

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