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Solar Energy Storage Systems in Bangalore

Control your personal renewable energy for a sustainable future

Advantages of solar system with batteries

Photovoltaic on-grid solar systems produce electricity for immediate consumption. Conversely, PV storage systems support Solar Energy Storage Systems in Bangalore by generating seamless energy and supply power when demand increases. It is also the best storage solution for areas that have inconsistent power supply or prolonged winters and overcast skies. Most off-grid systems send excess energy to battery banks instead of the public grid. This is how the PV system stores solar electricity for later use. A solar battery system is less polluting than diesel generators and helps

  • reduce grid energy usage at peak hours

  • keep essential appliances running continuously

  • optimize consumption according to need

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Image by Kumpan Electric

Choose the best type of battery to store solar energy

Batteries are always in a perpetual charging and discharging mode. This impacts the performance and longevity of the battery. The experts of Kaval Power will help you choose the best battery for your solar system. Ensure 10-years of independent energy back up with the solar storage packages installed by us. We use the more compact, sleeker and longer-lasting lithium ion batteries. Important aspects that we consider are:

  • Required battery capacity (kWh)

  • Volume of power it can provide (kW)

  • Depth of Discharge

  • Space available to install the large storage system

  • Need to replace the inverter

Why you may not choose solar battery storage

Solar battery banks usually increase installation and operational costs. They also need more space and elaborate maintenance systems. The batteries need to be replaced after every 4-5 years to match the lifespan of the solar system.

Hybrid Solar Storage Systems

Customisable solar storage for more power

To get the best of storage for PV systems, you can opt for Kaval Power’s hybrid solar solutions. This is a smart combination of grid-tied solar with additional battery storage. This storage system can be used in homes, offices and agricultural areas to ensure continuous energy supply even during power blackouts. In the evening when consumption goes up, the system uses the energy stored in the battery instead of purchasing power back from the grid, at a higher rate.

The hybrid system:

  • reduce grid energy usage at peak hours

  • keep essential appliances running continuously

  • optimize consumption according to need

Image by Federico Beccari
Image by Caspar Rae
  • Costs less than off-grid storage solar systems

  • Does not need a backup generator

  • Low electricity consumption

  • High ROI

  • Feed-in tariffs

  • To set up a hybrid solar storage system, you will need:

  • Solar Panels

  • Meters for net-metering

  • Batteries

  • Hybrid Inverters

  • Feed-in tariffs

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