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Solar / Wind Hybrid Energy Systems

Control your personal renewable energy for a sustainable future

Solar Wind Hybrid Farm

The Wind Farm engineering, procurement, and construction process can span many years, involving multiple phases for large projects. We conduct a site survey, feasibility study, and analysis, and then provide a comprehensive design for the Wind or Solar project. This includes determining the number and arrangement of turbines, as well as roads and buildings. We offer a systematic execution plan and proceed to complete the project using specialized tools. We establish our process and target completion timelines by setting benchmarks, among other things.

Solar Panels
Solar and Wind

The EPC process begins with input from environmental scientists, such as wind resource specialists, who determine suitable locations for wind energy production. They conduct environmental reviews and design the placement of turbines and supporting infrastructure. Procurement specialists are responsible for arranging the purchase and delivery of all necessary equipment and materials. As specialized contractors, we assemble the wind turbines and construct the supporting infrastructure. Logisticians play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient transportation of large wind turbine components.

A similar process is also followed for our Solar PV installations, which include top-of-the-line solar panels, inverters, batteries, cables, and accessories

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